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Membership Benefits

Join Cumbria Tourism and contribute to, and be a partner in, the largest tourism marketing campaign in the county.

All our accommodation and non-accommodation memberships include a listing on our award-winning visitor-facing website www.visitlakedistrict.com Click here to learn more about what a web listing involves.

Membership also gives your business numerous marketing and PR opportunities as well as an extensive range of special benefits we’ve negotiated for you. Discounts include money off banking and business insurance, energy supplies, print and hospitality products to name a few.

Marketing and PR opportunities are exclusive only to Cumbria Tourism members and give your business a cost-effective way to promote your product, from printed guides to online and digital channels.

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Don’t just take our word for it – watch the videos below to hear how our services benefit tourism and hospitality businesses across the county:


We promote the Lake District, Cumbria as a leading destination to national and international visitors and offer a range of promotional activity for members of Cumbria Tourism to buy into.

Printed guides such as our annual Holiday, Attractions and Food & Drink Guides continue to be a popular source of information for visitors.

Website promotion on www.visitlakedistrict.com, e-newsletters and banner advertising also complement the variety of activity you can get involved with.

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We offer specialist business and marketing advice and can visit you at your business. As a member you would also get access to legal and business development helplines.

You can assist us in bench-marking your business against others by supporting our free occupancy survey, this also provides us with invaluable data for our research team.

We also undertake ad-hoc business development workshops, such as social media training.

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Cost Saving Benefits

We work with suppliers and corporate businesses to negotiate discounts and savings on key services that underpin your business.

Benefits cover a wide range of services such as accountancy, insurance, building supplies and energy. Some also give you a discount on your membership fee in the first year.