Handelsbanken Plc

1 Merchants Drive, Parkhouse, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 0JW

  • Tel: 01228 597813
  • Email
  • www.handelsbanken.co.uk/en/find-branch/north-cumbria

Handelsbanken is a local relationship bank, based on satisfied customers, financial strength and sustainable values.

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Roxane UK Limited

  • Tel: 07376631267
  • Email
  • www.aqua-pura.com

Roxane UK is the leading producer of private label bottled water in the UK. In addition to private label the company also does the manufacturing, sales and marketing of the Aqua Pura brand within the UK.

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Wild & Fruitful Preserves

CA12 5TZ

  • Tel: 07540 049275
  • Email
  • www.wildandfruitful.co.uk

From the heart of Cumbria, Wild & Fruitful have been creating amazing tastes from local produce for over 20 years. Using a traditional open pan method, every product we make is 100% natural with no artificial colours or additives. We make everything in small batches following recipes that have been skilfully developed to bring out the taste of the wonderful country produce we use.

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Event Guides

  • Tel: 01228541200
  • Email
  • www.eventguides.co.uk

With roots in the events industry, Event Guides has inspired visitors with previews, show guides, programmes and pocket maps for 15 years. More recently, Event Guides has become recognised for slick digital publishing solutions that capture the attention of audiences. By fusing striking imagery, video, text, and graphics they can turn traditional brochures, catalogues, PDFs, or magazines into interactive and engaging experiences - the perfect solution to shine through digital clutter.

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Lake District Mobility

  • Tel: 07843754239
  • Email
  • www.lakedistrictmobility.org

Making amazing places accessible! Join us to hire all-terrain mobility scooters at amazing outdoor venues. You can become a Lake District Mobility member from as little as £2.50 and use a Tramper for safe, comfortable and easy adventures in the Lake District with your loved ones. You will get full safety training from staff on the site to make sure you are confident at using the Tramper. Find full details on venues, routes and Tramper hire on our web-site at www.lakedistrictmobility.org.

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Eco Dry Ice – The Eco Group

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Integrity – The Eco Group

  • Tel: 01228 594682
  • Email
  • www.integrityoffice.co.uk/

The use of IT is fundamental to business success, but many organisations are stuck in a break / fix model and struggle to maintain a forward thinking IT strategy. Our managed IT services are built on a partnership - Integrity IT solutions take the time to understand your business and future plans before we recommend a solution to suit your requirements. 

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YouKube – The Eco Group

  • Tel: 01220 403060
  • Email
  • www.youkube.co.uk/

YouKube is an all-in-one space solution which can be used as an office, children's playroom, gym, studio or salon, a fraction of the cost of adding an extension to a house.

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Eco IS – The Eco Group

  • Tel: 01220 408608
  • Email
  • www.ecois.co.uk

Eco Industry Solutions aims to be recognised as a professional leading provider in the UK for Trotec and XtraSAN by offering an extensive range of high quality, reliable and innovative eco products and services for specification industry, commerce, and private customers.

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