The Digital Tech Cumbria Programme helps businesses across the county, including within the tourism and hospitality industry, to harness the benefits of digital technologies. It is provided at free of charge to participants and is worth up to £5,000 per business.

But what do we mean by digital technologies? These include tools and applications that are more familiar such as:
– Cloud based computing
– Customer Relationship Management systems
– Ecommerce platforms
– Cloud accounting software
– Computer aided design software
– Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Digital technologies also include emerging technologies such as:
– Artificial intelligence and machine learning
– Data analytics tools
– Marketing automation
– Virtual, augmented and mixed reality
– Robotics
– Internet of Things
– Blockchain

The support available through Digital Tech Cumbria helps enterprises to:
– Be more agile and flexible
– Increase resilience, efficiency, profits and growth
– Work remotely, whilst still effectively managing and motivating your staff
– Ensure customer presence and brand engagement is maintained
– Understand how existing and new skills can harness new market opportunities
– Attract and retain staff;
– Operate more efficiently, reducing costs so more can be delivered for less

Digital technology is firmly established as a fixture of modern life, both in business and outside. Consequently, it’s almost impossible to significantly grow or improve a business without the effective adoption of digital technology. Digital technologies therefore present a huge opportunity to all businesses in Cumbria, regardless of their size, sector or location – the possibilities are huge. Research shows that businesses that effectively adopt digital technology, typically grow 30% faster and are 20% more profitable.

Our sole aim is to have a positive impact on Cumbria businesses. We are completely technology and vendor agnostic, and will work with a completely open mind so we can focus on your priorities and what will give you the best results. With the range of support options available and the expertise of our Digital Technology Consultants, Digital Tech Cumbria is here to help identify and implement solutions that will help Cumbria businesses save time and make more money.


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