Our mission is for you to heal, renew, relax and restore during your break in the Lakes.

Sometimes it can be hard to relax, even when you are on holiday, and it can take a few days to adjust and start to enjoy yourself as work or the busy-ness of life stays with us… I provide a service within your holiday accommodation to help you to leave your stresses behind and ease into your holiday.

Access Bars is an incredibly relaxing and nurturing treatment that is applied to your head. The ‘Bars’ are 32 points on the head which correspond with different areas of your life containing all of the thoughts, feelings and emotions you have held on to which can cause negative emotion…

Simply by gently touching these points thoughts, feelings and emotions that you no longer require can be released. It has been compared to deleting the hard drive of your computer, except we are decluttering your mind.

By doing this it can possibly ease many issues including stress, migraines, lack of sleep, and generally make you feel like yourself again. It allows you to really ‘let go’ and feelings of relief and an increased sense of well being and happiness are common.

We also offer an indulgent Access Energetic Face lift. This 90 minute treatment helps to boost your natural radiance and revives your whole being.

You can enjoy your session to be enjoyed in the comfort of your hotel room or holiday accommodation or at our therapy room at Stramongate House, 53 Stramongate, Kendal. LA9 4BH

Simply go to our website to book or call/text us on 07970072755.

Please book in advance as much as possible but we may be able to do appointments at short notice.

For further information

Contact Reception on
01539 822222 or info@cumbriatourism.org