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We combine our expertise in broadband and radio networks to provide reliable Wi-Fi solutions for multi-user environments such as hotels and caravan parks. We can extend Wi-Fi services round caravan sites using microwave radio technology which eradicates the problems of Wi-Fi interference.

With our hotspot technology we can provide bandwidth management, time and data limits per user and usage reports. We strongly advise our customers to protect themselves from illegal downloading by offering a controlled Wi-Fi service, even if it’s provided free of charge. The legal responsibility for a broadband connection is always with the account holder so it is really important to know who is using the service.

If you would like to improve Wi-Fi around your hotel or caravan park or would like to know more about Wi-Fi hotspots and protection please call us on 01539 898 145 or email


Shaffin Jaffer

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Kerian House
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