Sir Woofchester’s … No.1 in Hospitality.

Overnight guests: enjoy our doggy WELCOME PACKS in your rooms, with a variety of yummy contents including “Holiday Treats” based on a ‘calm & relaxing’ ingredients recipe. Why not ask at hotel reception whether they can include a canine picnic on your day out?

Hungry daytime guests: treat your canine companion to some of our unique dog treats (including BARK BURGERS; Duck a l’Orange; Fish & Chips; and more!). For the hungrier hounds, make it a full-on meal: choose between Lamb & Mint, or Pork & Apple.

Drinking buddies: why should you humans have all the fun? Treat your dog to a healthy beverage – choose between “chicken beer” (BARK BREW) and a unique cocktail (the PAW STAR MARTINI).

Wherever you go – in the car, the pub, at home, or staying overnight – Sir Woofchester’s will always be by your side. Going the extra mile to make your dog smile.


David Wright

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