As a fourth generation British Certified B Corporation® business, our family of innovators have spent more than a 100 years invested in better bedding. We have trailblazed technology throughout the eras, to deliver durability for our cruiseliner mattresses in 1912, to creating our Estonian waste free eco factory in 2000.

And longevity is not only part of our history, but our product philosophy too. Woven in the finest luxury materials, and responsibly manufactured, our bedding is quality, made to last, making it the leading choice for some of the countries finest 4 and 5* hotels.

Past, present and future, our united purpose is, and always has been, to create better bedding. Better for you; delivering a superior night’s sleep. And for our planet too; threading more responsible innovation, materials and manufacturing through each one of our collections.

More than a tagline, our sustainability is a thread that runs through the fabric of our entire ethos. Our award-winning eco-factory where production is powered by 100% renewable energy, produces zero waste – every fibre is woven with a care and commitment to responsibly manufacturing the finest bedding, that leaves the lightest impact.


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