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A-ha publishing, distribution and display

A-ha! Distribution

A-ha! Distribution
Generating visitors for tourism, leisure and the arts.

A-ha! specialise in free-to-the-public literature distribution using a network of displays in high-footfall, themed and distinct locations.

Campaigns are designed to focus on audience type, geographic area (drive-time) and duration. Our unique distribution system provides clients with significant levels of control and accountability.

This level of accountability, the rigour of our merchandising regime and our capacity to offer targeted solutions sets the A-ha! service apart from any other.
A-ha! also offers bespoke solutions for specific projects and provides partnership and own-brand working for regional organisations who need to articulate the attributes of their area or service.

A-ha! has in-house display manufacturing ( which enables us to command prime locations in our outlets by matching space and décor, to customise displays for particular projects or to create pieces for individual clients.

Read the feedback from several visitor attractions and event organisers on the effectiveness of leaflet distribution when compared to other media here, then call us on 01539 739777 or e-mail: for a campaign proposal or for an old fashioned chat!

Elaine Rengers
01539 739777