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Touch Stay

Touch Stay

Touch Stay digital guest welcome books replace printed guest information manuals with a hygienic, eco-friendly tool loved by hosts and guests.
The result?
1. You spend less time managing guests
2. Guests ask fewer questions, arrive more prepared and leave happier
3. Better reviews, more repeat bookings and recommendations

86% of users say they’ve halved the time they spend managing guests since introducing Touch Stay guidebook – a 21st-century welcome book that’s easy for you to create and intuitive for guests to use.

Give guests everything they need to know before, during and after their stay:
practical accommodation information
inspirational destination content
personal recommendations
house rules
add-ons and upsells

Brand your guidebook with your colours, logo and fonts, to present slick, on-brand guest communications every time.

Share with guests via a link sent from Touch Stay’s messaging platform ‘Memo’, or copy and paste that into your existing guest communications.

Love updating paper docs or answering the same old annoying guest questions? Nah, us neither! Add your guests to the millions around the world having happier stays with Touch Stay at their fingertips.

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