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West Lakes International has seen us work all over the world in the past 12 years. Delivering team development programmes in the United Kingdom, Australia, South East Asia, Hong Kong, Canada, Europe and the USA.
We have over 25 years’ experience of delivering 1st class products to the industry and understand the difficulties facing organisations today’s post-covid world. Whether you are looking to build relationships in a team that now work remotely, develop a team through an experiential programme with very specific learning outcomes, reward a high performing team, motivate a struggling team or simply enjoy a fun shared experience in a different environment, then call us to see if we can help.
Our programmes can be delivered anywhere in the UK and overseas, and we have a large network of venues that we can recommend.

Organisations, team building & events

Actively motivating and engaging your team can lead to much more positivity and productivity within the workplace. If you are left contemplating how to engage a team at work, then perhaps one of our bespoke programmes will help you achieve this goal.

Team Bonding:
Don’t underestimate the value of simply enjoying a shared experience with you team. We can build a programme that meets the needs over a duration that is appropriate for you, in a location of your choice.

Recognise and Motivate:
In the modern business world people are everything, so why not reward your biggest asset by creating an event that will leave your workforce feeling valued.

Conference Energiser:
A memorable way to introduce unfamiliar colleagues, invigorate delegates and boost energy levels during meetings and training programmes.
Client Relationship:

Build relationships with your clients in a memorable way through one of our bespoke relationship events.

Challenge Events
We specialise in the delivery of world class challenge events.
Our challenge events are devised, planned, and delivered to incredibly high standards. The total range of options for challenge programmes is vast, but here are a few of them to provide inspiration:

Competitive Challenge:
Inter or Intra team competition is a great way to invigorate a team. Annual challenge events can become a valuable part of company culture.

Charity Fundraising:
Climbing mountains, abseiling from buildings, or completing multi-day journeys is a great way to support a good cause whilst challenging and developing your team.

Social Responsibility:
Give a little back to the communities we work within.

Corporate Festivals:
Visualise a green field site with stunning tepees, street food, performers, and bands. Add your team and you have an unforgettable event that will reward and invigorate. The only limit is your imagination!

Let your imagination run wild and challenge us to create the perfect event for your business.

Learn & develop

West Lakes International can develop a learning strategy which can articulate the workforce capabilities, skills, and competencies, how these can be developed to ensure a sustainable, successful organisation.

People, Teams and Leaders:
By working with our long term and trusted partners Team Leaders Ltd, we can help you to:
• Create teams with spirit, purpose and agility.
• Develop leaders who can generate team success.
• Help team members to maximise their contribution.

Given the executives are really paid to think, how often do they press pause to re-energise and focus on their own development? Our executive journeys provide the perfect catalyst for senior team members to step of the wheel.