The Scheme

Electricity North West is seeking to work with a number of smaller hotel and guest house providers across Cumbria who would like to provide Electric Vehicle (EV) charging for their visitors.

Electricity North West will:

  • Support and fund power network upgrade work (to the meter) for up to a hundred sites across the county. NB Work on the internal wiring of the property cannot be funded by ENW and hence will need to be arranged by and funded by the property owner if required.
  • Provide participating business up to three 7kw charging units per site up to a maximum of 30 chargers in total and in addition provide advice and support on how these can be best used and maintained.

7kw chargers are sufficient to recharge most electric vehicles over a typical overnight stay and can provide a useful top-up charge for shorter parking durations.  A 7kw charger delivers approximately 17 – 20 miles of range per hour of charging. They are ideal for locations where visitors can park and charge overnight. More information about vehicle charging times can be found here: Electric car charging speeds explained | RAC Drive

Electricity charging costs are relatively low, for example, to charge a car at 7kw for 6 hours at 30p/kw/hr would cost the host £12.60. Charges will vary dependent on your supplier but can normally be recovered by a fixed EV parking spot price, typically £15 per night.

The installation of these chargers does not require a certified installer and your current electrician should be able to install one for you.


Who is it for?

Smaller hotel and guest house providers looking for an affordable charging service for their customers.

In such situations, the costs  of the electricity for charging are either absorbed by the host organisation or passed on to the consumer in a room rate or EV parking charge.

Such simple arrangements can easily meet the leisure sector’s requirements and avoid the costs associated with more complex ‘pay as you go’ rapid charging systems which can costs tens of thousands of pounds.

You do not need to be a Cumbria Tourism Member to take part in the scheme.


What is the timeline and process for the scheme?

  • Expressions of interest (EOI) invited up to: 31/07/2022
  • Evaluation of EOIs completed by: 22/08/2022
  • Successful organisations contacted and installation process started: w/c 22/08/2022

All charge points must be installed and in operation within 28 days of the supply-side infrastructure going live.


How will the scheme operate?

Once your Expression of Interest (EOI) form has been received, it will checked to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria set out below. Your details will then be passed on to Electricity North West who will assess the feasibility of your site installation. You will then be contacted directly by Electricity North West if you are successful.

If you are unsuccessful, you will be notified by email. Cumbria Tourism will also signpost you to any other relevant funds/schemes which may better address your needs.


Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the scheme you must:

  • Be classed as a sole trader, micro business or SME
  • Be the landowner or have express permission from the landowner for the works
  • Be in a location where a driver can spend three or more hours. This includes but is not limited to small hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, restaurants, cafés and other attractions
  • Have secure off-road parking where space can be specifically allocated for EV parking and an EV charge point, including charging leads, can be installed without negatively impacting a walkway
  • Have access to the EV charge point for visitors and not reserve for staff usage
  • Assume responsibility for maintaining and testing the charging unit – or subcontract to a reputable contractor
  • Install within 28 days of the supply-side infrastructure going live
  • Be able to commission and pay a qualified installer to connect the unit to your electricity supply

Any charges applied must be administered by the host organisation and be deemed reasonable i.e. to cover charge costs

Once your EOI has been received it will be assessed against the above and also checked for feasibility by the Electricity North West team.


Reporting requirements

All host organisations must be happy to provide information and testimonials for case studies and other marketing/media/PR activities.


Data protection

All details included in the application will be used by Cumbria Tourism and Electricity North West solely for the purpose of assessing your EOI and updating you regarding this.

If you think the scheme is for you, then you can submit your Expression of Interest HERE.

For further information

Contact Reception on
01539 822222 or