A discount card scheme, exclusively for those who live and work in Cumbria, could see thousands of pounds raised for St Mary’s Hospice in Ulverston.

Our ‘MyCumbria’ card already offers residents the chance to enjoy some of the county’s best attractions at a reduced cost, but now all cards purchased directly from St Mary’s will help to raise vital funds for the hospice’s work.

The ‘MyCumbria’ discount card is packed with offers on attractions, shopping and food & drink, exclusive to people who live in the county – meaning they can take advantage of great offers on their doorstep.

Each card is a one-off price of £20 per year – with 25% from every card sold at St Mary’s Hospice from this week going directly to enable their staff to continue their work to provide palliative care to its residents.

To put that in perspective, if every Ulverston resident bought a ‘MyCumbria’ card from St Mary’s Hospice itself, it would result in a funding boost of more than £58,000 for the charity!

Every hour of patient care at St Mary’s Hospice costs £19, which means proceeds from the sale of just four ‘MyCumbria’ cards would more than cover that cost.

Taking a look at the bigger picture, St Mary’s Hospice also relies on £2m of supporters’ money every year to keep the service up and running.

Sam Tollerson, who oversees the card scheme at Cumbria Tourism, says, “Most people have a discount card of some kind buried in their wallets or purses, usually for a specific shop or attraction, but the ‘MyCumbria’ card covers so many different things.

“It means plenty of discounts throughout the year – and encourages people who live here to take advantage of all the great things to see and do right on their doorstep in this county we’re fortunate enough to call home. Not only that, but by buying a card directly from St Mary’s Hospice, you’ll also know that you’re helping a cause close to all our hearts.

Caroline Welch, St Mary’s Hospice Head of Retail, says, “We are proud that all St Mary’s services are free to support our patients and their families. However, our services are not free to provide and that’s where we rely on the generosity of our local community.

“Through benefiting from the MyCumbria Card scheme, the 25% donation St Mary’s will receive enables us to continue to be there when patients and their loved ones need us most. To give you an idea £1 covers the average cost of a Hospice at Home visit, and £4 a delicious breakfast on our Inpatient Unit. So every card purchased through the St Mary’s link will be converted into care.”

You can buy a ‘MyCumbria’ card via the St Mary’s Hospice website, here.

Cumbrians who buy a card from St Mary’s Hospice can enjoy discounts on a range of activities and attractions in and around the town. The full list is online at mycumbriacard.co.uk

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