With their love of culture, heritage and the natural landscape and with England and Wales hosting the ICC Cricket World Cup this summer it’s the perfect time to capitalise on the fast-growing Indian market.

We have already been working with Marketing Manchester in recent months to help promote the county out in India and have met with tour operators and travel agents face-to-face. We now want to continue and grow the work already started and are inviting businesses who are interested to join a new India Forum.

Following this work, Cumbria Tourism has now become a destination partner with Marketing Manchester on an India campaign for 2019/2020 financial year and hopefully beyond. The India Forum will help to guide this work and decide what activity is undertaken in addition to make the most of the opportunities for this growing market, at a time when there are more routes into the UK than ever and in anticipation of the extensive coverage that hosting the Cricket World Cup will generate.


How to get involved and next steps

Cumbria Tourism, with the help of the strategic partnership programme, has already been able to secure the funds to buy into a campaign partnership with Marketing Manchester. We are asking businesses who want to be involved in the forum for a contribution of £300 +VAT for the first 12 months. This will allow the forum to look at other opportunities outside of the Marketing Manchester campaign partnership, produce collateral and to have a working budget.

We are looking to set this group up now in order to make the most of the upcoming opportunities, therefore please get in touch with the team if you wish to join. If you would be interested in being a steering group member, we are seeking members who have experience or are excited about this market, willing to put the time and effort in and feel they can play a very active role in the forum. We are looking to have the first steering group meeting week commencing 20th May, with the first full meeting of the forum shortly after.


If you are interested in joining or finding out more about the forum, please contact the team on campaigns@cumbriatourism.org

For further information

Contact The PR Team on
01539 822222 or pressoffice@cumbriatourism.org