Complete payments for independent businesses at a special Cumbria
Tourism Discount!

Regardless of your size, Kashing offer friendly, personal service and a value-led membership.

Make payments SIMPLE!

With Kashing, you can offer your customers their preferred card and contactless payments. Thanks to an all-inclusive membership, no business will be left behind.

Kashing has created a membership for every business. Just £10/month for 12-months gets you a free secure Chip and Pin card reader (valued at £140), unlimited transactions at just 1.5% each, and the powerful backend tools required for your chosen payment offering to grow. Normally, its 1.7%.

What’s more, all of your transactions are protected with multiple layers of encryption and Level 1 PCI DSS rating, which is as good as it gets when it comes to safety.

Kashing’s combined, benefit-rich package means there’s no need for multiple vendors. For just £10 per month, here’s everything included:

  • A free, versatile Kashing card reader, which quickly pairs with a smart device such as a tablet, smartphone or computer, means customers can complete payments almost instantaneously.
  • Streamlined online payments allows you to automatically link all your offline sales via Kashing’s web portal – and means you can ditch the pen and paper!
  • Forget the surplus of workload, tracking payments just got simple. Reporting, deposits, invoices and inventory can all be monitored and managed in one place.

For card payments on the counter, on the go, or online, think Kashing.

If you’d like to hear more about Kashing’s bespoke membership options, email, give them a call at 0800 014 2950.

If you’d like to hear more about bespoke membership options

Contact Kashing on
0800 014 2950 or