Kashing: Big payments and security for any business

Already thousands of independent business owners have turned to Kashing to power their payments and enable growth strategy. Thanks to our all-inclusive, value-led membership, no business will be left behind.

Our payment services are streamlined to offer your customers the best payment choices – whether they’d prefer to pay via card or online.

For just £10 a month for 12-months, you will get a free secure Chip and Pin reader, unlimited transactions at just 1.7% each, and powerful backend tools – all with Level 1 PCI DSS rating!

Because big payments aren’t just for big businesses, call us on 0800 014 2950, or go to https://www.kashing.co.uk/.

If you’d like to hear more about bespoke membership options

Contact Kashing on
0800 014 2950 or wecare@kashing.co.uk