Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership, supported by Cumbria Tourism and partners, are in the process of developing a place marketing campaign to promote Cumbria as a great place to live, work and invest, as well as visit.

This campaign is looking to help address our declining working age population and some of the workforce and skills shortages that we are currently facing by encouraging people to start and build their career here.

Case studies to help bring the campaign to life are required.

They are looking for:

Young people living in Cumbria aged 14-25 who:

  • Have done something exceptional! This could be excellence in achievement, contributions to the community, development of their education provider or employer. We want to celebrate young people and show that Cumbria values their contribution to its culture, communities, economy and profile.
  • Are thoroughly enjoying their education and/or early career experience in Cumbria. We’d like to hear from school, college and university attendees, apprentices, trainees and those in their first or second position to showcase the brilliant education and career opportunities available here.


People aged 21+ who have moved to Cumbria from outside of the region, including individuals who have returned after time away, as well as life-long Cumbria residents:

  • Career starters aged 21-30 who are thriving in their first or second role. We’re aiming to showcase the breadth of brilliant career opportunities in Cumbria across all sectors.
  • Career growers 30+ who have developed their career in Cumbria. This again is to showcase the great careers available here and that there are opportunities to step up the ladder.
  • Working age families who are benefitting from Cumbria’s unique offer. Aimed at those looking for a change of location, who want to live somewhere beautiful and affordable, that’s a great place to bring up a family, but with real and serious careers.
  • Entrepreneurs who have established or grown their business in Cumbria. To encourage those that are thinking of setting up a businesses or to relocate their business to come to Cumbria.

If you know somebody within your organisation, or you yourself, who is suited and willing to become an ambassador, please contact:

John Reynolds: / 01768 212853


Lucy Clarke: / 01768 212865

For further information

Contact The PR Team on
01539 822222 or