Accommodation Quality Charter

The Lake District and Cumbria is famous for its wide range and choice of high-quality tourism businesses. In addition to our famous landscapes, our outdoor offer, our unique culture and heritage and a fantastic food and drink offer, our reputation for quality visitor experiences is second to none and is the reasons for Cumbria’s reputation as the number one rural destination for days out, short breaks or holidays in the UK. Cumbria Tourism continues to strongly support quality accreditation schemes although we recognise that they might not be relevant for everybody, but we do believe that customers have a right to expect high levels of service and standards when they visit this County and we want to support and promote the quality businesses in the region.

This Quality Charter is for all non-accredited members to sign up to so that in partnership with Cumbria Tourism we can continue to make a quality commitment to visitors and be reassured that we are promoting the very best about our wonderful county.

As a member of Cumbria Tourism, we ask you to agree to the following Accommodation Quality Charter:

  • Working with Cumbria Tourism – To work proactively with Cumbria Tourism to promote our leading destination brands and our excellent local food and drink produce through offering a genuine warm welcome to visitors.
  • Legal Requirements – To fulfil all legal requirements and responsibilities (fire risk assessment, food safety / hygiene, licensing, health and safety, discrimination, trade descriptions, data protection, Public Liability Cover etc.)
  • Discrimination – To provide a welcoming and caring service to visitors that does not discriminate, e.g. by age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race or religion.
  • Customer Satisfaction – To have a documented Complaints Policy and Procedure that is available for customers to view and can be implemented speedily and effectively; to ensure that any issues that may arise are resolved by prompt, professional and polite action. If a complaint is upheld and not satisfactorily remedied, Cumbria Tourism reserves the right to withdraw CT website and other advertising. More details of how complaints are dealt with by Cumbria Tourism can be found on
  • Accessibility – To fully assist visitors with specific needs and where possible to ensure facilities and services are reasonably accessible to visitors with disabilities. To maintain an Accessibility Statement that is regularly reviewed and amended to take account of the needs of visitors with disabilities.
  • Quality and Standards – To provide guests with clean, hygienic, safe and well-maintained accommodation at all times.
  • Service and Welcome – To provide good quality service to visitors at all times, making customers feel welcome and appreciated.
  • Information – To ensure all information is readily available to visitors by an appropriate method, and is accurate, up to date and has clarity in relation to all aspects of available facilities and payments, pricing and charges.
  • Cancellations – To maintain a Cancellations Policy that is readily available for visitors at each stage of their visit, from pre booking through to arrival. It is advisable to have your Policy included within your booking terms and conditions.

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