Low Emissions and Electric Vehicles

The low emissions vehicles project was made up of two elements:

1. The first was to provide low emission car hire at visitor arrival points so visitors could arrive without a car.

2. The second focused on the provision of a flock of sheep-branded electric Twizys at service providers in the Penrith- Ullswater and Keswick-Borrowdale corridors. This allowed visitors to arrive without a car or leave their larger vehicle behind once here, and explore in a more sustainable, fun and quirky way.

Both elements have been developed with our appointed car club partner Co-wheels. This element of the programme will continue to be managed by Co-wheels in the future with the aim of being self-sustaining.

  1. Find out more about the car hire
  2. Find out more about the Twizys here
  3. Download promotional materials for the Twizys



For further information

Contact Paul Marriott on
07901 925475 or paul.marriott@cumbria.gov.uk