Welcome Awards

Only available to businesses with a full QC accreditation

From £17.00 Excl. VAT

Welcome Awards

When receiving a QC assessment businesses can also achieve awards that show they welcome Families, Pets, Walkers or Cyclists to their accommodation, and that certain facilities and services are in place that will recommend the property to these groups when visiting Cumbria.

Cyclists Welcome Award – Facilities provided include property has lockable storage space for bicycles and panniers, emergency cycle and puncture kit, First Aid kit and washing and drying facilities for outdoor clothing.

  1. Download Cyclists Welcome Checklist

Walkers Welcome Award
– Facilities provided include separate space available for drying outdoor clothing and footwear, so clothes can dry overnight, boot scrapes at main doors, access to facilities with water supply for cleaning boots and outdoor clothing, First Aid kit available.

  1. Download Walkers Welcome Checklist

Pets Welcome Award
– Facilities provided include water bowl and food bowl available for  sole use of each pet accommodated, torch and nightlights available on request, access to refrigeration facilities on request, toys, chews/treats (can be chargeable), bedding (can be chargeable).

  1. Download Pets Welcome Checklist

Families Welcome Award
– Facilities provided include non-smoking family bedroom/s available, storage available for push-chairs in bedrooms or cupboard inside or outside, cot and highchair available on request, nappy bin and bags for disposal.

  1. Download Families Welcome Checklist

For more information on any of these Awards please contact the team at info@cumbriatourism.org

From £17.00 Excl. VAT

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