Destination Branding

Marketing is at the core of Cumbria Tourism’s work and therefore, it is a fundamental business imperative that the organisation communicates clearly at all times. It is also crucial that all our partners, associates and members feel included and empowered to use the brand system freely.

The guidelines are for your instruction and use, they include a full graphic system for implementation. The consumer facing brand was developed to operate at a number of levels, including thematic campaigns and sub-regional areas with Cumbria.

The guidelines have been generated to facilitate simple and concise implementation in all areas of the required marketing initiatives.

  1. #theplacetobe Campaign Guidelines
  2. The Lake District, Cumbria Brand Guidelines


Cumbria Display Font

  1. Download PC font
  2. Download Mac font
(Please note: Quark users may have issues using the Mac font. If this is the case, please download and use the PC TrueType Font instead)

The Lake District,
Cumbria logo

Is available for you to download and use in the different colours and formats below.

  1. Download logos

If you have any questions about the branding please

Contact the Marketing Team on
01539 822222 or