Welcome to the Lakes Culture

Lakes Culture is attracting new visitors and give existing visitors reasons to come more often, by promoting the Lake District’s outstanding cultural assets. It is a collaboration between the tourism and cultural sectors promoting the region as the leading rural destination for culture.

Monthly events update

Each month we’ll be curating a ‘What’s On’ listings, giving you the cultural highlights to recommend to your visitors and to share with your front of house staff.

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Lakes Culture Marketing Toolkit

To help we’ve produced a free toolkit of resources which will make it easy for all of us to get the message out. It has tailor-made copy, itineraries and ideas for you to use in your promotion, whether you are a tourism business looking to attract more visitors interested in culture, or you are a cultural organisation or business wanting to attract more tourists.

Monthly what’s on updates will be shared via the Cumbria Tourism Members Newsletter and you can sign up for our B2B tourism and cultural sector newsletter here and follow us on Twitter @LakesCulture

For more inspiration @LakesCulture

Lakes Culture Toolkit

Target Markets

We’ve identified four types of people who are most likely to be attracted by culture in the Lakes. Some of them may already be your customers, and some may be new that you think you might appeal to.

We are calling them:

  1. Prosperous Planners
  2. Cultural Boomers
  3. Indie Gen-Xers
  4. Exploring Families

To help you target these audiences more effectively please click through for more details about each one.

The Shared Story

The most successful places have a memorable story to tell. The Shared Story is a short and simple piece of prose in everyday language. It makes clear what is special and different and is authentic and true. It isn’t a comprehensive list of everything that’s on offer. It’s about enticing visitors to find out more.

  1. The Shared Story
  2. Using the Shared Story

Dropbox of Cultural Images

We’ve put together a collection of cultural images  for Cumbria’s tourism industry to use, please always credit as per image title.


Branding Guidelines

The Lakes Culture brand aims to inspire and inform potential visitors about our Lake District culture and the guidelines are for your instruction and use. The brand operates at a number of levels including thematic campaigns and sub regional areas in Cumbria.
  1. Download guidelines

For further information

Contact Sorcha Hunter on
01539 822222 or shunter@cumbriatourism.org