Quality Assessments

In today’s market, the visitor has more choice than ever before and their expectations are rising. Cumbria Tourism is committed to improving the quality of our visitors’ overall experience – places to stay, eat and visit, as well as the people they come into contact with and the welcome they receive.

Cumbria Tourism strongly supports quality accreditation through either the nationally recognised schemes Visit England, the AA or our own Quality Cumbria local assessment scheme. We recommend that accommodation providers adopt one of these gradings as they give a valued, independent assessment of your business, plus checking all legal obligations are valid and making sure each accommodation meets the quality standards that visitors expect. These accreditations provide an award that can be used on your website and other marketing material.

Members of Cumbria Tourism who provide accommodation are required to meet one of the following standards:

  • National Quality Assessment Scheme – Visit England or AA
  • Quality Cumbria – local assessment scheme, approved and accredited by Visit England
  • Cumbria Tourism Partner Schemes
  • Cumbria Tourism Quality Accommodation Charter

Rothay Garden Hotel Grasmere

Quality Cumbria

Quality Cumbria is the local quality assessment scheme which is unique to Cumbria. It was developed through VisitEngland, to recognise and drive up standards of accommodation in Cumbria in 2006 and is now one of the most popular accreditation schemes in the county.

Quality Cumbria properties are assessed per accommodation criteria and the main aim is safety followed by cleanliness, comfort and that they are fit for purpose. The QC scheme does not include stars or require overnight accommodation for assessment. All accommodation providers who meet the Quality Cumbria standards are committed to quality improvements.

How much does Quality Cumbria cost?

Prices start from as little as £93 + VAT, to get a cost for your business please visit the shop.

How Do I Get Assessed?

Once you have signed up to Quality Cumbria one of our trained assessors will contact you directly to arrange a mutually convenient time to come and assess your property.

Following the assessment your assessor will give you some verbal feedback, and a written report will follow. You will also receive a certificate and window sticker, and be able to use the Quality Cumbria logo in your marketing materials.

Additional Welcome Awards

We also offer the following awards, which recognise properties that welcome Families, Pets, Walkers and Cyclists to their accommodation.

Cyclists Welcome Award (Non Accommodation)

This award recognises businesses such as cafes/restaurants, pubs, shops etc that accept Cyclists.

Superior Award

The Superior accreditation is awarded to properties that far exceed the National Minimum Quality Standards in the majority of respects and is given at the discretion of the assessor.

Fire Safety and Accessibility Statements 

Download guidance to help make sure you have the required fire safety and accessibility standards for your guests.

Advisory Visit

If you are the new owner of an establishment or would just like helpful advice, an advisory visit is the ideal opportunity to discuss your plans with one of our experienced assessors. We will pre-assess your establishment to determine if the scheme is suitable and you meet the requirements of Quality Cumbria. The advisory visit also advises you of the changes you can make to help you achieve your desired outcome. You will receive a written report to formalise the advice given and provide the suggestions made during the visit. Cost £100 + VAT  

To find our more about having an assessment

Contact Reception on
01539 822 222 or info@cumbriatourism.org