These are challenging times for our industry, but we are here to support our member businesses by answering key questions and signposting you to the latest official guidance.

Guidance changes from Monday 19 July
The key changes from Monday are:

  • Social distancing rules and group limits will no longer apply.
  • Table service requirements will end and queuing will be permitted indoors for food and drink.
  • Full capacities will be allowed for theatres, cinemas, concerts and sporting events.
  • The legal requirement to wear a face covering is being lifted.
  • Businesses are no longer legally required to collect customer contact details
    • However the Government guidance says that continuing to do so will support NHS Test and Trace.
    • You can enable people to check in to your venue by displaying an NHS QR code poster. You do not have to ask people to check in or turn people away if they refuse. If you choose to display a QR code, you should have a system in place to record contact details for people who want to check in but do not have the app.
  • Businesses are being encouraged to ensure on-site signage is up-to-date and reflects the latest changes.
  • There is new guidance on weddings and civil partnerships.

Additional priority steps listed in the Government guidance for tourism businesses and hospitality venues include:

  • Complete a health and safety risk assessment that includes the risk from COVID-19, share it with all your staff and keep it updated.
    • Find out how to do a risk assessment HERE.
  • Provide adequate ventilation, so there is a supply of fresh air to indoor spaces where there are people present.
    • This can be natural through opening windows, doors and vents, mechanical ventilation or a combination.
    • You should identify any poorly ventilated spaces and take steps to improve fresh air flow.
    • In some places a CO2 monitor can help identify if the space is poorly ventilated.
    • Read the advice on air conditioning and ventilation HERE.
  • Clean more often, particularly surfaces that people touch a lot.
    • You should ask your staff and your customers to use hand sanitiser and to clean their hands frequently.
  • Turn away people with COVID-19 symptoms. 
    • Staff members or customers should self-isolate if they or someone in their household has a persistent cough, a high temperature or has lost their sense of taste or smell.
    • They must also self-isolate if they or a close contact has had a positive COVID-19 result, or if they have been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace. If you know that a worker is self-isolating, you must not allow them to come to work. (It’s an offence to do this).
  • Communicate and train
    • Keep your workers, contractors and visitors up-to-date on how you’re using and updating safety measures.

There is official ‘Working Safely’ guidance on, including:


Individual businesses should use the guidance to identify the best approach for their staff and customers, which will vary according to the type of business, location (outdoor or indoor) and who their customers are.

Ensuring safe, memorable experiences continues to be the priority BUT customers are now being asked to take greater personal responsibility for keeping themselves and others safe.

Guests are being advised to plan their visits, to book ahead and to check their routes in advance – giving themselves extra time to get from place to place.

The ‘Know Before You Go’ guidance offers some top tips on planning visits to the Lake District, Cumbria.


Refunds and cancellations: The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) expects businesses to treat customers fairly, and wherever possible is advising being as flexible as possible (postponed bookings, vouchers etc.) to maintain goodwill. As a general rule of thumb, if a business is required to cancel a booking the consumer is likely due a full refund. If the guest wishes to cancel for any reason (including a positive test, instructions to self-isolate etc) this is less clear and may depend on your own terms and conditions. See the CMA guidance HERE.

If you have any questions, you can contact either the Cumbria Tourism team or our Strategic Partners Thomson Hayton Winkley and Burnetts Solicitors.

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Further information on COVID-19

You can check the NHS website for answers to a list of commonly asked questions about the virus and its symptoms

The Government is also providing regular online updates on the current situation in the UK, as well as guidance on travellers from the most affected areas internationally.

You can also access the Government’s full coronavirus action plan.

Please note that as more information emerges, official recommendations may change and it is advisable to keep monitoring the latest updates.

You can help spread messages from Public Health England by downloading and displaying poster resources.


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