Thank you to every business which has submitted questions regarding the Reopening Roadmap. We have collated the most common into an FAQ below to assist your preparations to welcome visitors at the right time.

If you have any questions not detailed below please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing

Whilst we aim to keep this page as up to date as possible please note that regulations can change quickly – we advise checking any activity against the latest Government advice before proceeding.

Business Support

What additional support and funding has been made available following the Roadmap announcement?

Following the unveiling of the Reopening Roadmap it has been announced that the Local Restrictions Support Grants (Closed) scheme will be extended accordingly.

Our Resource Hub has information on current support schemes – click HERE to learn more.

We expect further business support information to be unveiled in the Chancellor’s budget statement (3rd March).



Can I open my self-catering property from the 12th April?

From Step 2 in the Roadmap (not before the 12th April), self-enclosed enclosed holiday accommodation may open, subject to all the required Covid-safe measures being in place.


What does ‘self-enclosed accommodation’ mean?

The definition provided is “holiday accommodation in which all facilities (including for sleeping, catering, bathing, and indoor lobbies and corridors for entry and exit) are restricted to exclusive use of a single household/support bubble”.


Does self-enclosed accommodation include camping pods/pitches with separate but private bathroom facilities?

Yes, so long as these are private and not communally used.


Can caravan/second homeowners travel to their properties after the 29th March for maintenance/cleaning and to collect belongings?

From 29 March, people are permitted to travel to visit, maintain, clean and collect belongings from their self-catering properties and their caravans on parks which are currently closed, but people should minimise travel where possible.


When can hostels with shared facilities open with what restrictions?

Hostels may open from Stage 3 (not before the 17th May). A review into social distancing is taking places with results due to be published soon. In the meantime any businesses would need to comply with current social distancing regulations upon opening.


My self-catering accommodation apartment is accessed by a shared entrance/corridor – when can I reopen?

Whilst self-enclosed accommodation may open from Stage 2 (not before 12th April) this is only for accommodation where all facilities (including for sleeping, catering, bathing, and indoor lobbies and corridors for entry and exit) are restricted to exclusive use of a single household/support bubble. Accommodation which does not fit these criteria cannot open until Stage 3 (not before 17th May).


What rules change for self-catering accommodation from Stage 3 (not before the 17th May)?

From 17th May, self-catering properties will be able to accept people complying with either the Rule of Six or from two households (any number).

We are seeking confirmation that the Rule of Six will be the same as last time, but presuming this is the case businesses would be permitted to accommodate up to six people from six different households. (Provided they adhere to social distancing regulations).


What restrictions will be in place for my business after the 21st June?

The roadmap sets out a gradual, phased reopening where each step proceeds following an assessment of the impact of the preceding steps. The ambition in Step 4 (not before 21st June) is to remove all legal limits on social contact, reopen remaining settings, and publish accompanying guidance on how best to reduce the risks. Further clarification will depend on the reviews announced in the roadmap, the impact of the earlier steps, and the scientific data closer to the time.


Attractions & Experiences

Are escape rooms classed as indoor leisure or indoor entertainment?

Escape room are classified as ‘indoor entertainment and visitor attractions’ and are permitted to reopen from Stage 3 (not before 17th May).


When can I open my outdoor children’s play area?

Outdoor adventure parks and activities may open as part of Stage 2 (not before 12th April), subject to the relevant Covid-19 measures being in place. Indoor play areas may open in Stage 3 (not before 17th May).


Is a boat, train or bus experience classed as transport or an attraction?

This would depend whether or not the primary function is the journey (e.g. an A to B route) or the experience (e.g. a round lake cruise). Transport is permitted to open now (subject to the relevant regulations) and indoor attractions from Stage 3 (not before the 17th May). We advise businesses contact us or the Government directly to discuss specific cases.


Can multiple permitted groups (e.g. multiple groups of 6 on an open air vessel in Step 2) go on a large sightseeing boat tour if they are kept separate on the trip and if the capacity of the boat is capable of ensuring social distancing?

This is permitted if the boat is open air using the permitted organised gathering exemption (where organised by a business/organisation, risk assessment completed which will take into account capacity limits, COVID-Secure guidance adhered to, and people do not mingle outside of their qualifying groups – 6 people / 2 households).

Where a boat is partially enclosed, people must only go inside for use of / access to the toilet.

The boat skipper and/or guide would not count in capacity limits if they are employed as they would be exempt under the work exemption.


What are the rules regarding self-drive boat hire?

From the 8th March self drive day hire of boats is permitted for the purpose of open air recreation in a public outdoor place (the vessel must be open air) for single household/bubble only. People should minimise time away from home and stay local.

From the 29th March self drive day hire of boats is permitted for 6 people / 2 households per boat if the vessel is open air and for a single household if the vessel is enclosed. People should minimise time away from home.

From 12 April earliest, 6 people / 2 households per boat (if vessel is open air), single household/support bubble (if vessel is enclosed). Overnight stay only permitted with single household/support bubble on a self-contained boat. People should minimise time away from home.

From 17 May earliest, if for day use, up to 30 people (if vessel is open air), or 6 people or 2 households (if vessel is enclosed). If for overnight use, 6 people / 2 households. People should minimise time away from home.

As per the waterway guidance, larger gathering sizes can be permitted outdoors (from Step 2) and indoors (from Step 3) where organised by business/organisation, risk assessment completed, Covid-Secure guidance adhered to, and people do not mingle outside their qualifying groups).


Why is there a distinction between outdoor watersports & swimming (Step 1b) and outdoor aqua parks used for water sports and swimming (Step 2)?

As it will be difficult to separate sporting from leisure activities taking place in outdoor aqua parks, only outdoor water sports and swimming pools are allowed to open in from 29 March for sporting activity. Outdoor aqua parks can open in Step 2 alongside outdoor leisure entertainment activities.


When can heritage railways reopen?

Heritage railway services going from place to place (i.e. point A to point B) are permitted from 29 March for the purposes of transport, providing all social distancing and face covering requirements are followed

Heritage railway services provided primarily for dining or other recreational purposes; or for the carriage of passengers from the same start and end point (a loop) must remain closed alongside other indoor attractions until Step 3 – no earlier than 17 May, when they can reopen in line with the wider social contact limits at this stage – in a group of 6 people or 2 households indoors; and multiple groups are permitted.


When can coach tours resume?

Step 1b (from 29th March):

  • Private hire for a single household/support bubble (coach drivers and tour guides do not count towards this rule).
  • Day trips only


Step 3 (not before 17th May)

  • Large coach trips and tours with multiple groups permitted in line with social distancing regulations (groups of up to six people or two households indoors).


When can Tourist Information Centres (TICs) reopen?

Visitor information centres not located within an indoor attraction may reopen from Stage 2 alongside non-essential retail. Centres with indoor attractions are expected to be permitted to reopen from Step 3.


Food & Drink

If I open my restaurant with outdoor table service from Stage 2 (not before the 12th April) can my customers come inside to pay and use the toilet?

Yes. If it is possible businesses should provide a table service including payment but if this is not (card machine issues etc.) then payment at a till is allowed (subject to other Covid-safe practices being in place).



How does the Reopening Roadmap affect weddings and receptions?

  • Step 1 – 8 March
    • Weddings of 6 can happen but these should only be in exceptional circumstances. Receptions are not permitted.
  • Step 1a – 29 March
    • Weddings of 6 can happen (with no requirement for this to be in exceptional circumstances). Receptions can only take place in line with social contact limits (i.e. outdoors in a group of six, or two households).
  • Step 2 – Not Before 12 April
    • Weddings and receptions are permitted for up to 15 people.
  • Step 3 – Not Before 17 May
    • Weddings and receptions can proceed with up to 30 people. A broader range of stand-alone life events will also be permitted at this step, including bar mitzvahs and christenings.
  • Step 4 – Not Before 21 June
    • Ahead of this date, the Government will launch the Events Research Programme, to consider how and when restrictions can be lifted from large events including wedding receptions.


Can guests attending a wedding at a hotel during Stage 2 stay overnight?

Not unless legislation permits. At time of writing the permitted list of overnight stays includes travel for funerals but not for weddings.


Ceremonies and receptions are permitted but what about ancillary services?

The Roadmap states that only ceremonies and receptions are subject to the relaxed rules. Any other activities must be in line with current regulations.


Travel Advice

What are the rules on and after the 29th March?

Stay at Home restrictions will be in place until 29 March. Until then, people will require a reasonable excuse to leave home. From 29th March and until Step 2 (not before 12th April), people will be advised to minimise travel and not stay overnight away from home. At Step 2, guidance on overnight stays will be lifted and people should minimise travel where possible but they should not be fined.

Guidance will be to minimise travel from Step 1b until Step 4 – this means avoiding making unnecessary journeys, combining trips and avoiding travel at peak times where possible. People should avoid travelling further than is reasonably necessary to take part in their activity. From Step 2 and in accordance with rules in place for each step, it will be possible to go on holiday/overnight stays for leisure, but people should avoid making unnecessary journeys to do so.

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