Cumbria Tourism is partnering with the Centre for Leadership Performance to offer Dream Placements in February half term 2022 to ensure we can attract more home-grown talent into the tourism and hospitality sector.

Over the past decade CfLP has worked with educators, employers, and young people to build an inclusive lifelong leadership learning journey from Primary School to the Board Room.

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What is Dream Placement?

Dream Placement, now in its 9th year, was co-created with CforP and Cumbrian businesses keen to address the volume of young people leaving the county thinking the opportunities lay outside the Region.

It operates between September and March and is offered free of charge to all young people. It’s delivered in a COVID-19 secure way, with laptops provided to students where needed.

Dream Placement is a fully project managed leadership development & placement programme designed to develop young people’s leadership skills, confidence and aspirations and provide an insight into leadership in the workplace.

The programme brings together Cumbria’s motivated and ambitious 16-18 year olds with forward-looking and successful businesses in the county to understand the breath of opportunities and learn from each other.


Why Dream Placement?

It’s vital that Cumbria retains and supports its young people into local employment.

Many of the brightest students leave the county for university, never to return. Many other students are challenged by educational attainment or personal circumstances.

Young people frequently don’t realise the opportunities under their noses, because they have little awareness or understanding of local businesses and careers.

It is vital that we bring businesses together with young people to learn from each other, businesses need to engage young people to understand what they want from their careers and how to future proof their businesses

Businesses may offer their own work experience programmes and that’s great, Dream Placement has built the trust of young people and educators and is a great way to connect with other young people in a coordinated high quality programme and provides an accessible and easy programme to be part of no matter what size organisation you are as CforP are there to project manage and support partners. The programme injects new ideas and thinking into companies’ own work experience schemes.

Dream Placement helps all young people to build confidence, self-belief and leadership skills and helps young people make informed choices about their futures

Why host a Dream Placement?

  • You’re helping hundreds of students to secure development opportunities and meaningful encounters to understand the breath of opportunities and make informed choices.
  • Dream Placement connects you to a group of highly motivated, ambitious local young people to showcase the opportunities within your organisation.
  • Involvement helps to develop your own staff members
  • You have the opportunity to task young people with business problems or projects during their Dream Placement week to gain fresh perspectives and develop new ideas
  • Experience of Dream Placement helps you develop new ideas for your own work experience programmes
  • Dream Placement helps your organisation to build networks with the other host company partners and raise the profile of your business

How does the scheme support your business?

  • Advertise apprenticeship vacancies and broker work experience opportunities to Dream Placement Alumni – now over 1600 students.
  • Share best practice and learning between Host Companies
  • Access to Leadership Masterclasses
  • Training to support your staff working with young people covering:
    • Working safely with young people
    • Engaging with young people and mentor training
    • Interview training for employers and top tips for students
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